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Maria Seltsova (Ulyanovsk ,1986)

Seltsova studied painting at the Noella Roos art school in the island of Bali, Indonesia. Interested in the oriental culture, Seltsova has taken mystical and philosophical references to adapt them to her artistic creations. The artist proposal focuses on translating the pictorial act into a process of healing and meditation. Also, taking elements of tantra, the artist seeks to question the taboos that revolve around sexual pleasure and female masturbation. Her most recent project entitled "Love yourself" is based on the principles of body art and action painting to combine the aforementioned statements.

For the artist to employ her own body as an artistic tool is a form of healing her past memories. Her art despite the intricate abstraction of colors is a confessional art, where the artist deposits part of her history, her body and energy. Maria keeps doing several researches towards the different artistic manifestations that involve corporeality, feminism and forgiveness.


June 2017 - Group Exhibition "Tough Body", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain

July 2017 - Group Exhibition "Root", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain

September 2017 - Group Exhibition "Cur.Ate Project Launch", The Depot, London, UK

December 2017 - International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy

May 2018 - "Sexuality in Female Art" video art show, Soho House, Barcelona, Spain

March 2019 - Group Exhibition "Sex with Russians", CU46 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain


Interview with MariSel "After the accident: Maria Sel's transformational art" in Matrix Barcelona Magazine
Exhibition "Sex with Russians" Announcement: in BonArt Magazine
Interview about "Sex with Russians" and CU46 Gallery: in El Punt Avui newspaper
Photos of Maria Seltsova painted by Filippo Ioco leading the Pride in Barcelona, 2019
Maria Seltsova at the Pride 2019
Interview with Maria Seltsova as a sexual female artist from Russia in Russian magazin

Love Yourself
Love Yourself Project
Video credit: Vega Film and Alena Rubinshtein
Photo credit: Jenya Kadnikova Photography

There are limits only in our heads
Venice International Performance Art Week
MariSel was honored to be a part of Venice International Performance Art Week working in the group of performance artists all over the globe leaded by tutors Andrigo&Aliprandi. She took part in Collective Performance Opera and made her solo performance "Lesson №9" during 3 days opened for public visit. The main idea of "Lesson №9" was exploring herself with the statement "The wizard lives in the state of exploring. By this exploring his perfection is determined" inspired by the book of Deepak Chopra "The Way of The Wizard" . The main topic of the collective performance opera was "Political body".

Photo credit: Lorenza Cini Photography, Aldo Aliprandi, Anna Beisuz

Maria Seltsova
Painter and Performance Artist
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