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To be an artist means to channel the energy of the Universe through your body
To be a woman means to create
During many years of an experience as a traveler MariSel collected knowledge from various cultures. She strengthened her believe that everything happens for a reason and that all is guided by a universal power.
In 2015 she suffered an almost fatal accident and after that she felt the need to start painting. She studied oil painting at art classes in Bali and then passed several months in an art hub in Barcelona. Maria is a healer, a person with an access to the knowledge about our destiny, our abilities and the purpose of our lives that can be activated to help others to be better people, to awaken, to stay healthy and to live a happy life. It's hard for her to explain the process of healing and where she gets inspiration from, but she addresses to the words of genius Nicola Tesla: "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." Art became her instrument of interconnecting her abilities and expressing herself in this world.
Exhibitions and Art Shows:
June 2017 - Group Exhibition "Tough Body", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain
July 2017 - Group Exhibition "Root", Estudio Nomada, Barcelona, Spain
September 2017 - Group Exhibition "Cur.Ate Project Launch", The Depot, London, UK
December 2107 - International Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy

Get out of your shell
Rebirth of the soul (Oil on canvas)
The series "Rebirth" (oil on canvas) is full of symbolism. The egg is a symbol of a new life, new beginning. Since MariSel became an artist not so long time ago, this is her own way to show how her new life coming out of the shell of the old life. The first egg is cracked from the inside, which means her wish to begin a new movement and break free. Red and yellow are the sacred colors. The red color means the support of higher forces and the new beginning, love for life and being alive. The yellow color has a sacral meaning and since MariSel used to live in Asia, she associates this color with power and magic. The egg on the blue background is cracked from the outside. It means that there are a lot of factors around that are helping the artist to become whom she wants to be. The blue color is the color of balance and tranquillity. So, whatever influences the life of MariSel from the outside – it's the blue color that stands for the calmness and pure wish for the change.

Look deeper under layers of everything
Messages (Acrylic on canvas)
The series "Messages" is dedicated to understanding the Universe and its messages that are transmitted to the minds of people. Each work of art is a message from the highest artist's self that comes in the form of inspiration. But where does the inspiration come from? Where do the thoughts come from to someone's head? What moves a person to change? All these thoughts are covered by the layers of everyday being and the routine of even the most colorful life. This is what MariSel reflects on in her series "Messages". On each painting there are words, phrases and questions that everyone should ask him or herself to understand the meaning of being on this earth hidden under the layers of bright colors associated with different stages of human life.
There are limits only in our heads
Venice International Performance Art Week
MariSel was honored to be a part of Venice International Performance Art Week working in the group of performance artists all over the globe leaded by tutors Andrigo&Aliprandi. She took part in Collective Performance Opera and made her solo performance "Lesson №9" during 3 days opened for public visit. The main idea of "Lesson №9" was exploring herself with the statement "The wizard lives in the state of exploring. By this exploring his perfection is determined" inspired by the book of Deepak Chopra "The Way of The Wizard" . The main topic of the collective performance opera was "Political body".

Photo credit: Lorenza Cini Photography, Aldo Aliprandi, Anna Beisuz

Love Yourself
Dedicated to all women in the world
Love Yourself Project
In the project "Love Yourself" which consists of video art, series of acrylic paintings and photography MariSel reacts on the problem of women who can't accept themselves and at the same time on the public condemnation of female sexuality. Most of women are playing any other roles but not being themselves. MariSel encourages all women to stop fighting with themselves and stop being ashamed with their bodies and personalities. She shows that all women are given with beautiful bodies which they should accept as they are. The idea of the project is that women must understand the power of female energy that they can use it to create whatever they want. Pleasing and playing with herself using clitoral stimulator while painting Marisel shows that women are blessed with the opportunity to enjoy their bodies and can transform their feminine energy in pieces of art. The artist shows that even being sexual doesn't mean to be a foolish woman with no serious dedications and talents. All women must stop being afraid to transmit this resourcefulness in this world and finally be who they truly are.

Love yourself. Love to be a woman. Love your sexuality. Love your body. Love your femininity. Love your effeminacy. Love what you do. Love to imagine. Love to create. Love to communicate. Love to be unique. Love to be different. Love to explore yourself. Love to accept yourself. Love to express yourself. Love to be true. Love to be you!
Watch the teaser of the video art "Love Yourself" here

Video credit: Vega Film and Alena Rubinshtein
Photo credit: Jenya Kadnikova Photography

Portraits of souls
Watch beyond the body. See how beautiful souls are! (Mixed Media)

Woman Face
Emotion is the mirror of the state of a soul (Graphics: white ink on black paper)
The Power is in the Universe hands.

Art heals (Oil on Canvas)
The Healing series is about healing people with the use of hands and a special power by the Universe. It translates the artists vision of what is healing and how it works. The idea of this series is to show what gifted people see in the process of curing. The sick organ is healed by the artist through painting the organ lyer by layer and listening the mantras. The painting thus become a help in curing anyone who has problems with the painted organ.The hands transfer the healing light and protect the organ from damage as a mother protects her child in her belly while being pregnant. The background color indicates the color of the disease of this organ. The organ and the hands are levitating in the universal space where no light except the light from the palms is. It means that there is only one source of light which make the organ glow and be healed and protected from the darkness of the disease.
I see you
We all are colors and shapes

Aura is our second body (Acrylics)
"I see you" series reflects on the observation of the auras that belong to different people. It is an attempt to look beyond the visible world of humans. Each color of aura characterize a person and can tell a lot about personality, style of life, preferences and way of behaving in social sphere. Scientifically was proved that auras exist and it is also possible to take a photo of aura nowadays. The artist can also see the geometrical essence of a person. This effect is the result of rear neurological phenomenon called synesthesia in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Continuing with the idea of geometry, painted in unideal way, she reflects on the statement that we are humans after all and nobody is ideal both inside and outside. Influenced by Hinduism religion of Bali island MariSel shows doubled shapes in dark and light which means the duality of each personality and the balance between both parts.
Maria Seltsova
Painter and Performance Artist
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